Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!


It is probably a gross understatement to say that Dr. Seuss week is my favorite week of the school year.  I am amazed to know that fellow teachers didn't grow up reading Dr. Seuss and don't get equally excited about the week celebrating his life and stories.  Maybe it's because I am obsessed with rhyming.  Or general absurdity.  Or because I like that he includes social commentary that appeals to children and adults alike.  Whatever the reason, I love his stories and I love love loooove Dr. Seuss week!

My favorite as a child was The Foot Book.  Now I've moved on to The Lorax.  Cameron (my nephew) has my original Foot Book in his current possession, and he is not pleased that the name 'Samantha' is on the inside cover.  He showed it to me one day and said "We need to erase this. That's not my name." Huh. Thanks, kiddo.  Glad you're getting new stuff and claiming what was once mine.  ;0)

Anyway, since yesterday was the official day, I'd like to say Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! And I'd like to remind parents and students of the weekly schedule (see the handout in your child's folder for more detail):

  • Miniature Monday: Dress like a Who!
  • Truffula Tuesday: Dress in orange for The Lorax
  • Wacky Wednesday: Mismatched socks, crazy shoes (no slippers allowed!)
    • (Should we get a snowstorm on Wednesday, you'll just have to be wacky at home!)
  • Thing Thursday: Dress in red (and a blue wig if you have one!)
  • Cat in the Hat Friday: wear your favorite hat
And yes, I will most certainly be participating in all of these dress-up days! 
The Seussical birthday bash is scheduled for Friday.  Really, it's just a glorified snack. But hey, he's worth celebrating!  If you'd like to share something creative, you can click HERE for some awesome ideas.

Last week we highlighted the letter O (which will tie in nicely with next week's Hop on Pop), learned more about the presidents and other famous Americans with our flip book and the Famous People in History easy reader, and continued work with subtraction and money.  Now that most of the kiddos know their coins and trade value, we'll introduce a math station set up like a pretend store so children can practice counting change in exchange for goods.  (So they'll start to understand that toy you bought them wasn't actually free.)

Students wrote 1-3 facts about each president
under the corresponding flap.
An example of what was under the Lincoln flap.

OSCAR the Grouch!

For these puppet pieces, click: Monterey Bay Aquarium
I was so excited to see that the Aquarium's website offered this!
Monterey Bay!
Thank you to those of you that sent back the literacy bag feedback forms.  They're obviously new this year and still need some work and any constructive criticism I get is helpful!  Speaking of literacy bags... Marco was talking to me about how much he loves Scaredy Squirrel the other day.  He even wrote about him in his journal!  I couldn't find any games or activities online that I liked to go with the Scaredy Squirrel books, so I spent pretty much all weekend making activities to include in a Scaredy Squirrel math & literacy pack.  It's up in my TPT store now! 

Click here to check it out!

Happy Sunday!

As always, owl be teaching you tomorrow!

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  1. I am so excited for Dr. Seuss week!! We ate green eggs and bacon for breakfast on Saturday :) Sounds like you guys will be having a blast this week!