Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zombies, Zebras & Presidents

This week we focused on the letter Z in language arts.  In math, we continued our work on subtraction.  Social Studies this week and next week revolves around the presidents. Check out our cute crafts!

Zebra mask the kiddos made in Library.

Students made a zoo and labeled the animals.

We made ZOMBIES! Some of the students' writing was a little
more ... graphic.. than I'd expected, but the zombies were cute.

Zebra Zs!

Students have been doing a lot more writing - in the morning with our language arts craft and in the afternoon during writing workshop.  Writing workshop consists of writing in journals, so you won't see that work coming home.  Make sure you review your child's A.M. writing with him/her so that you can see the progress he/she is making.  If you can't see the correlation between what they've written and what I've written underneath the word, it means your child is struggling to apply letter sounds.

No worries - we are constantly working on this! But you can help at home by stretching out the sounds in words.  Have them help you with the grocery list this week!

Not this upcoming week, but NEXT week (March 4-8)  is Dr. Seuss week! HOORAY!

As always, owl be teaching you tomorrow!

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