Sunday, February 3, 2013

A readjustment period.

Can you believe the weather we had this week? A delay on Monday, sunshine and 70+ degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday, then snow on Thursday? I'm not sure if it was the weather or the fact that this was the first full week we've had in a long time, but most of the kiddos had trouble staying on task.  I had a couple ask each day wnen it would be time to go home, a few others who had some separation anxiety and some who just forgot how to walk in a line! Eek! It was like the second week of school all over again! We're finally getting back into a regular schedule.  Fingers crossed that we don't have too many more days to throw us off... am I right?

Since we only had two days of school last week, we had to combine the plans for last week and this week, covering lots in a little bit of time! We learned about the letters L and K in language arts, ordinal numbers and how to group by 5s and 10s to count to 100 in math, and shadows in science.

Lockets for L: writing about who we love

Payton declared Wednesday "bun day" for anyone that wanted to wear her hair in a bun.  Four of us actually wore our hair in buns. Haha, clearly this necessitated a photo. (Also I found it interesting that we each had a different version of a bun?)

We made kites for the letter "K" but the students were upset they couldn't actually fly them outside. The following four students won "Best Kite" after a vote by their table:

Since it was so nice outside on Tuesday, we went to the blacktop with sidewalk chalk to make silly poses and trace our shadows!  My phone died so I couldn't get pictures of that. Sorry!

And of course, on Thursday we finally got to send home the literacy bags!  If you get a chance, please take photos of you and your child/family working together, reading the books and playing the games.  E-mail me any photos/comments so I can include them in a thank-you package and end-of-the-year write-up for the grant!

For our unit on SHADOWS this week, please send your child with a labeled flashlight on Monday or Tuesday to use during science.  They will bring the flashlights home with them on Friday!

As always, owl be teaching you tomorrow!

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