Saturday, January 26, 2013


I only got one sledding picture! I hope more of you played in the snow and just forgot to snap a photo...

"I rode a sled to battle and threw snowballs." - Asher

Also, if anyone else was surprised that we had yesterday off of school as well, I quickly realized why upon going to the school: there was still ice all over the sidewalks! Despite people shoveling and salt being sprinkled everywhere, there are some spots that don't get any sun and remained icy.

Since 12-month employees were there and the school was unlocked, I still went in and got all the games done for the literacy bags. Woohoo! We're on schedule for this Thursday still.

But the 100th day of school got pushed back again.  It is now going to fall on Monday, February 4.  We will make up what we missed on Monday and push other activities back since Thursday is no longer the 100th day.  It works out that we won't miss anything already planned :)

Owl be teaching you more tomorrow!

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