Sunday, January 13, 2013

Germs are Everywhere!

Because it was "G" week, we went over both hard and soft /g/ sounds. And for the soft /g/ sound, we watched a video on the importance of handwashing and made germs! Of course, I didn't realize what a handwashing frenzy I was starting by showing the video. I had kids out of their seats constantly trying to wash their hands because they "touched the water fountain," or "touched the desk." Yikes! We decided we'd wash our hands before eating but resort to hand sanitizer (or hanitizer, as Laci calls it) for the sake of time in other instances.


We also listened to Goldilicious and wrote about what we would do if we had an imaginary unicorn like Pinkalicious.

And to tie in our Social Studies unit on maps, we made gold in a treasure chest! (And a treasure map that afternoon.) We added /g/ words to our gold.

Closed treasure chest.

Opened treasure chest to reveal the GOLD!

To solidify the kiddos' concept of maps and where they are in space, we made a pretty nifty flip book:

My room -> my house -> my town ->
my state -> my country -> my continent ->

And I am amazed at how well our class learned the concept of addition! WOW!
These kids are SO SMART!

Fun Friday math activity - Gummy Bear Graph!

Owl be teaching you more tomorrow!

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