Monday, January 7, 2013

Back into the Swing of Things!

As students came back from Christmas break to their old routine, I was surprised to see just how ready everyone was to get back to work! No one cried, no one complained, no one fell asleep in the middle of morning meeting...

Instead, I was greeted with smiles and excitement! How nice it was to come back to school this week! I've never had students make such an easy transition back.  I can't say it enough - this group of kids is incredible!

It was a short week, but we still managed to introduce new topics in addition to the review of old ones. 

In Social Studies, we continued discussing the concept of needs/wants and had a fun sort. Each student got an ad (Toys 'R' Us, Target, Kohl's, etc.) and got to cut out pictures, gluing what they cut out in the giant paper shopping bag if it was a need or the paper Santa bag if it was a want. We'll discuss how we sorted the pictures tomorrow.  It's always interesting to hear how students argue that some wants are needs.  

In Math, we went over basic counting and number recognition to make sure everyone was ready before jumping into addition. The kids are SO excited about addition! I'm pleased with their enthusiasm and hope it continues, because we do addition for awhile... (by the way, if you didn't get your math mat, please see the previous post and download it for use at home!)

 In Language Arts, we covered the letter P (listening to the stories Goldilocks Has Chicken Pox!, Princess Party, and What Pet to Get?) and worked on our New Year's Resolutions!  I forgot to read If You Give a Pig a Pancake. Since I love Laura Numeroff, we may have to read that book late.

Check out the list below to read what your child's resolution was (simply find his/her initials). Some of them are hilarious!

New Year’s Resolutions!
YA: I resolve to help other people if they are hurt.
MB: I resolve to get better at soccer by practicing 52 times (1x a week)
AB: I resolve to help people when they need help.
AD: I resolve to help my dad get better at Beyblades by ripping it for him.
JJ: I resolve to help people learn better by teaching them lots of stuff that they don’t know.
SK: I resolve to help people learn how to do the monkey bars.
AK: I resolve to help my classmates make stuff like owls, people, and books.
DB: I resolve to get better at counting things with numbers.
PP: I resolve to beat my dad at Mario Brothers on my Wii (Mario Kart 3).
GL: I resolve to garden with my dad.
DR: I resolve to help people dunk on the basketball court by showing them how I can jump.
LR: I resolve to get higher grades by learning my words.
DS: I resolve to help my friends get better at coloring.  If they mess up at something, I can erase it and help them color it again.
IS: I resolve to get better at riding my bike by practicing 3x a week.
AT: I resolve to come in the door everyday without getting upset.

Also ... an update about the literacy bags! They are almost ready to go home, but unfortunately I have been unable to laminate the activities as the lamination machine isn't currently up and running. I can send them home this weekend, but some of the bags may only have the books at this point in time. 

Please leave a comment with your thoughts on this! Do you want them beginning this weekend, and I can add the extra activities as I get them? I'm not sure how long it will be before we get our new roll of lamination on the machine, and I'd rather not send the activities before they're protected.  I can put different activities in the bags in the meantime, but they may not follow the theme. Just let me know! I'd love to at least get the books in your homes!!

Owl be teaching you more tomorrow!

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