Wednesday, September 23, 2020


 When I began this blog, it was 2012 and I was in my third year of teaching.  ClassDojo didn't exist at the time, and the best way for me to communicate with my students' parents and keep them informed of our classroom happenings was by uploading photos and explaining via blogposts.  It was also a great resource to let other teachers see how we were doing things in our room!  Fast forward to 2017 and it was mandatory that every teacher in my school use ClassDojo to keep parents in the loop.  Posting on the blog seemed redundant, and it essentially fell by the wayside. 

Now it's 2020, and quite a lot has changed.  I've moved (again), and am living in Arizona.  I have ten years of teaching kindergarten under my belt.  I've been a mentor teacher, a host teacher, and gotten an instructional coaching endorsement.  Oh -- and the biggest change of them all, I had my daughter!

Mackenzie was born in October 2019, despite being due in January 2020.  That can be another post for another day. I  made the decision to leave the classroom and stay home with her,  and then everything happened with COVID19.  (What a time to get out of the classroom, am I right?)  Being at home in March and knowing that schools transitioned to online only (and eventually stopped altogether), I wanted to do something for my students (present and former) across the country that were no longer getting regular read-alouds.

I started an Instagram to host live readalouds, which transitioned to one recorded read-aloud a day.  That grew to include a read-aloud and an in-depth review of the book I was presenting.  What started as a way to reach out to my students has been a catalyst for forming relationships with publishers, other educators, authors and illustrators.

So, here is the blog that started as "owlbeteachingyou" in 2012, revamped.  (If you've been with me from the beginning, thanks for joining me on the ride!) Here, you will find book reviews, literacy tips, activities, and a sprinkling of my musings on life, family + education.  Enjoy! 

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