Monday, May 25, 2020

Letter Sound Pronunciation

This video aims to inform parents and educators of the proper way to make letter sounds when teaching children. It is important to isolate each sound and not add an additional "-uh" at the end, such as "muh" instead of "mmm" for the /M/ sound. When the "-uh" sound is added on the end, it's referred to as "schwa-ing," because the /uh/ sound is known as "schwa." This makes it difficult when children go to blend letter sounds to make words, because they will want to spell "cat" C-U-A-T-U if you regularly make the "cuh" sound instead of /ck/ and the "tuh" sound instead of /t/. It also makes it difficult for children to read, because they cannot blend the sounds together properly if there is a schwa on the end. For example, if a child sees the word MAN and sounds it out "muh" "a" "nuh," he will never hear the sounds come together as "man."

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