Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Every Friday, I select a new student to be Owl-Star.  Our Owl-Star is someone who has shown exceptional behavior in the classroom and been an excellent role model for others.

We skip the traditional Writing Workshop lesson on Fridays in favor of writing for our Owl-Star.  The selected student tells us how old they are and what some of their favorite things are: color, food, toy and thing to do.  Students must copy the first two sentences I write and then choose one of the others to copy.  Then they draw a picture of themselves with the Owl-Star. If they finish before time is up, they can also add a sentence of their own.  

This is a great time to work on handwriting and other writing conventions such as spacing and punctuation!

I bind all of the writing into a book for the Owl-Star to keep as a kindergarten keepsake.  They also get a certificate and our class mascot, Owlison, for the week.  Students are supposed to write in the log about what they did with Owlison and glue one or two pictures of their adventure to share with the class.  Owl-Stars also get to help Mrs. Steeh lead the class in the Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Who Do You See? book. 

This week, we got our FIRST Owl-Star! Congratulations, Hunter!

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