Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Otis vs. Tractor Mac

You guys know Otis is one of my most beloved children's book characters.  The Otis series is full of great stories that tug at your heartstrings and combine beautiful imagery with captivating adventures.

So today, Hunter walked in and handed me two books from the Tractor Mac series.  I said "Hey, what are these? They remind me of Otis!" To which he replied, "I know! I thought it was Otis at first. That's why I brought them."  I was excited about this for a number of reasons ... number one, what a great text-to-text connection he'd made.  Number two, I wanted to know more about Tractor Mac and what his adventures were like.  Number three, what a perfect example of a text to use for a compare/contrast lesson!

Turns out, there were a lot of similarities.  
But the kids and I agreed .... we both prefer Otis.

The look of Otis, the drawings, the way Loren Long makes you FEEL the way the characters are feeling... the stories are just so relatable and enjoyable.  And the chorus of putt, puff, puttedy, chuff...  

I don't know. I felt myself getting bored as I read the Tractor Mac stories.  (And you guys KNOW I LOVE children's books.)  Tractor Mac just didn't cut it for me. So should you find yourself in the bookstore trying to decide which tractor series to go for.... well, there you have it, friends. Buy Otis.

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