Friday, August 25, 2017

Partner Work

Sure, learning is fun on your own, but we all know it's better when you have a partner and can talk about what you're learning about.  This week we got our reading, writing and math partners! (Ok, writing partners really just end up being who you sit next to on the carpet, but that's fine.)  

In the top two pictures below, you'll see students reading their writing to their partner and discussing what they can add to their stories.  In the bottom two, you'll see students working to illustrate a story I'm sharing aloud and the labels we stretch out together - "handstand." The focus here was to not give up, even when the picture was hard to draw and the word was hard to sound out.  We just kept trying.

Students work with their math partners at tubs (stations) once they've finished their independent work.  We've been working on writing numerals and counting & writing to represent how many objects there are.  As students turn in their work, they go grab their assigned math tub and work with their partner on the activity.  Students go to two math tubs a day.   Currently, all math tubs are on counting, forming and recognizing numbers.  

In small-group math, we've been focused on counting and ways to represent numbers.  For example, if we put six shells on the beach, it could be 2 in the water and 4 on the sand (2 and 4), 3 in the water and 3 on the sand (3 and 3) or 4 on the water and 2 in the sand (4 and 2).  It could, of course, be other combinations as well, but these are the only ones that this group chose as they represented six.  

In Science, we've discussed the five senses and began working with our sense of touch alone using grab bags.  Students could reach in the bag, feel and describe what they were feeling, and make a guess as to what the item might be.

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