Sunday, December 18, 2016

Milk Carton Gingerbread Houses

I stay at work too late.  The night before the last day before break, I stay to decorate the room! I cover the tables, I hot glue the graham crackers to the milk cartons (which have been washed and dried earlier in the week), and I portion the candy.  I think I left at like 8:30.   I just get so excited setting up!

When kids come into the room, a Yule Log video is burning on the SmartBoard and puzzles are set out for morning work. 

Once announcements are done, attendance is taken and lunch count is sent, kids get to work on their houses!

It's always a competition.... the kids vote on the best house, and the winner gets to choose a prize book. You know I'm all the time trying to build up kids' libraries!

In the afternoon, when the houses were complete, kids got to meet a special visitor...

Do you SEE how excited the little one in the bottom left picture is? The entire time the reader and the Grinch were sitting at the front of the room, he just kept smiling and waving at the Grinch.  So precious.

Somehow I ran out of time this year to make ornaments.  I feel really terrible about it. Parents, I'm so sorry I failed you! You will have many other keepsakes from your children this year... but I definitely dropped the ball on the Christmas ornament front. 

Mrs. Hall, me, Ms. Yousif, and Mrs. Prater...
because this happens when teachers shop together.

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