Friday, September 23, 2016

Fitness Day

Last Friday, our school had its first-ever Fitness Day! The event was organized by the PE teacher at our school, and included multiple visitors in the fitness industry teaching students how to work out in various ways.  Students got to experience CrossFit, walking trails, running and personal fitness workouts and Zumba!  The day was divided into K-2 and 3-5. 

Coach asked if I'd be willing to teach Zumba.  I was able to combine both jobs at the same time, which was pretty cool!!  I actually only taught 3-5 grades in the second half of the day, since I was with my group in the morning.  The upper grades really got into it!  I did tell my kiddos that they'd be able to come back for another Zumba session with me once the afternoon portion was done. :)

I think the kids had a great time and it was AWESOME to help promote a healthy lifestyle for them!  Now kids have an idea of some different types of fitness; hopefully they found one they enjoy.

See a brief news video by clicking the link below:

And check out the article in the Telegraph, below:

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