Friday, November 6, 2015

Election Day, Push/Pull Forces & Number Bonds

On November 3rd we held our annual Class President election! Annaley won. Congrats!

We've been doing a lot of work with motion in science, looking at different patterns of movement: back and forth, round and round, zig zag, fast, slow, motionless.  This week we focused on pushes and pulls. We made some push and pull faces, as seen in this book:

Then we made 'little pig' houses out of modeling clay, toothpicks, fabric, and paper and used a push force (blowing on them) to see if they'd stand up, or get blown down like those in The Three Little Pigs. First we tried blowing on them with our mouths and then we advanced to the blowdryer!

Aaaaand we made some marshmallow launchers. These were much better in theory. I read on another blog that we should use paper cups, but the force of the balloon stretched over the paper cups caused them to crumple.  I think plastic cups would have worked better. Anyway, we saw that in order to make the marshmallow launch, we had to first pull the balloon and then the balloon would push the marshmallow. The more we pulled, the bigger the push... and, supposedly, the farther the marshmallow would fly. Some of our launchers flopped. But hey, that's science.

In math we introduced number bonds! What's a number bond? Basically, a number bond simplifies addition and subtraction and helps kids see number relationships in a part, part, whole visual. 
To introduce it, we used ourselves in a giant number bond made with hula-hoops!  

This week was more about exploring than recording. But to show all the ways to make a number, you start with the whole at the top (8) and move all of those to the bottom left circle, to make the first answer (8=8+0) before moving one at a time to get the remaining answers (8=7+1, 8=6+2, 8=5+3, 8=4+4, 8=3+5, 8=2+6, 8=1+7, and finally 8=0+8).  

We know we've found all the answers when we've moved all the objects, one at a time, from the left circle to the right circle.

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