Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day & Lily Pads

Well, there's a ton to update you on, so I'm just going to rewind back to the beginning of September! Over Labor Day weekend I went fishing with my family in Virginia. Oh, how I miss Virginia! Especially in the fall. The lake we were at had a ton of lily pads... and since I'm pretty terrible at fishing (I got my line stuck in a tree and the lily pads) I spent more time exploring and catching minnows.  I decided to pull out a lily pad and was really surprised to see it had slimy goo on the bottom of it. Maybe you all already knew this; but I didn't, so I was pretty sure the students wouldn't.

I picked several of them and put them in water to bring back to the classroom. They thought it was so cool! I knew I could count on five-year-olds to share my enthusiasm. (BTW Look at that giant tadpole my mom spotted! HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A TADPOLE THAT BIG?)

 Look at how grossed out/nervous they were to touch it!  Students also enjoyed my personal narrative story about Zulu getting hurt on our hike and Padre having to carry him. I insisted I could take a turn, too, but Padre wore him like a backpack for a bit until he was (thankfully!) able to walk again.  

Shenandoah <3

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