Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dash & Dot Robots

Okay, if you're like me, you've never heard of these little guys before.  I often check on's Partner Match Offers to see what sorts of projects will get half-funded. Well, when I looked at the available offers for GA schools today, I found one from MakeWonder to fund half the cost of projects which included Dash and Dot.

I went ahead and Googled Dash and Dot.  (By the way, this was about three hours ago.  I've since been reading and watching videos on how to use Dash and Dot in the classroom!) I'm so impressed with these things!  I'm also a little freaked out, having recently watched Ex Machina and starting the show Humans, both highlighting the danger of artificial intelligence. Technology is ridiculous! 

Watch this video from Wonder Workshop, the makers of Dash and Dot, to see how beneficial these robots can be in getting our children to learn important 21st century skills:

Want them in your classroom? Go over to DonorsChoose while the match offer is still available!
Want to help fund them for my classroom? Stay tuned for my custom DonorsChoose donation link.  I'll post it as soon as they review my project request. And if we get them? Expect lots of Dash and Dot lessons!

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