Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Counting Down

Mr. David visited us in the classroom last week! It was a surprise to me, too. He wanted to bring me lunch before he deployed.  Then he stayed to read a book to the class. They were far more interested in what he had to say than what I have to say. 

Of course, when they walked in and saw him, they all said "HEY! Whose dad is that?" And when I said "Yeah, whose dad is that?" they assumed it was mine. I always have to explain to my students that Mr. David is not my dad.  But it never fails; I still get a kick out of their 'dad' generalizations. 

One kid said "I think it's Greyden's dad." I said, "You know, that's a good guess, because Greyden's dad also wears a flight suit." Greyden's eyes got wide and he said "Yeah, but THAT'S NOT HIM!"

That was last week. 
And then a few days passed, and I moped around the house every time I saw these:

...knowing that our time was down to 2 days. 36 hours. 10 hours. 2 hours. I always try not to count down the time left, but it's so hard to stay in the moment. You know your favorite person has to leave. And you know you have to stay.

We celebrated his birthday over the weekend since it'll actually happen when he's gone. Oh hey, Smallcakes sampler pack. (Yes, this did necessitate three photos.)

On Tuesday morning, I dropped him off.
Now I'm counting down again. This time, until he returns. 


  1. This made me cry. Lots of thoughts and prayers for you both. We're counting down with you. <3