Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Anniversary!

We've been married a year! Which means I've been living in Georgia for a year... and for our anniversary, we went to Lake Blackshear. Love, love, LOVE IT.  After complaining that there was nowhere to hike or canoe/kayak nearby, someone mentioned this lake to me! 

Somehow, in thinking I rented a room, I accidentally rented a cabin, but it ended up being perfect for Zulu while we were out.

There still aren't any parks within walking distance (assuming walking distance= approximately five miles), which is a bummer since I used to have FOUR connecting parks near my apartment!  But an hour drive to get here is absolutely worth it.

Plus, when you kayak through the mossy trees it's very reminiscent of this scene:

... but David didn't join me when I belted into song.
(David commented: "Yes I did! I said 'kiss da girl,' in an accent!") 

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