Wednesday, June 10, 2015

5 Products That Will Drastically Improve Your Life

I admit, this is a bold claim. It's one that David made before we purchased each of these products, and as usual, he was right. Wait - I suggested the last two of these five. They don't appeal to everyone as the first three do, and they arguably aren't as cool.

Also, I'm obviously a small time blogger and get nothing out of writing this except maybe helping you live a simpler, more enjoyable life. I truly think these products have made things easier and better in our house and hope they can do the same for you!

If you haven't heard of sous-vide cooking, get on that train. Remember when cooking in crock pots was the easiest way to cook your dinner? Well, now you can have that ease in addition to perfectly cooked food items that are much more delicious than when you cook in the crock pot. It only takes about an hour, and that's hands-off cook time.  Maybe you or your husband really enjoy a nice medium-rare steak and you can never cook it perfectly at home. No longer a problem!

Literally so easy: (1) Bag the meat with some seasonings. (2) Get the air out and put it in the pot with the immersion circulator. (3) Set the temperature and cook time.  (4) When the timer goes off, take it out and pan-sear it for a nice crust.

You can cook way more than just steak, but I was most excited for the steak. 

Goodbye, Keurig. Your plastic cups and coffee grounds in my mug have become far too irritating. 
Also, you're a little overpriced and I always want more than one cup of coffee.  And you're not that good at iced coffee either.


A french press fixes all these problems. It makes coffee quickly, brews it incredibly smoothly, it's strong enough for iced coffee, and has a serious Starbucks quality to it.  It's also really easy to clean and is better for the environment! I do want to point out that this is only super easy because we also have an electric kettle, so the hot water is pretty instant.  

While you can choose your preference here: appearance with the Roomba or function with the Neato; we've owned both and I can say with confidence that the Neato is a much more productive vacuum. 

He's built like a tank! (Yes, you will see, they become a member of the family and can provide hours of entertainment for you and your pets!)  While this doesn't take the place of a stand-up (I still like to do double duty vacuuming), when you have pets, this is pretty much a necessity. Even with daily vacuuming with the stand-up and Neato, he still picks up this much grossness:

If you're anything like us, you love to be outside. Having a nice, built-for-two table means eating at a restaurant everyday! We refer to it as "The Bistro." 

Which leads me right into product number...

So, if you don't eat a lot of salad, this one may not appeal to you so much. But when you take a salad and put it in a bowl like this, suddenly you're at Panera in your own home. (This purchase was brought on by David's complaint that Panera is overpriced and their salads aren't that great. I disagree, but now I can have them at home!)  I first discovered these at my parent's house and was really jealous of them.  We've since gifted them to David's parents and they agree how much better they make dinner!  I'm surprising myself here, but apparently I don't have a picture of an uneaten salad in one. Just trust me, they look great, they contain everything with no spills, and everything about the meal just seems a lot more fancy.

So your response is probably something like, "Really? These things are suppose to DRASTICALLY improve my life?" To which I would say, "Yes!" I mean, with these you'll be eating better, more presentable food and drinking better coffee at an outside personal table for two while your robot vacuum cleans your house! What! What?

I love my life. And my husband.

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