Monday, February 9, 2015

Welcome HOME!

Here's what people don't tell you about when your husband is returning from a deployment:

(1) You won't be able to sleep the night before he returns. You will either be really excited, or excessively vacuuming.
(2) You will be so excited when it's time to get him at 5am and simultaneously tired from running on 30 minutes of sleep... that you will accidentally lock yourself out of the house without your car keys.

OKOKOK. Number two is likely only a Sam problem, as my sister was quick to point out. But don't worry. I used a credit card to jimmy the door (something I got way too good at in my old apartment) and was only two minutes behind the time their plane landed.

The house was ready and the bacon and brownies were, too! ;)

That sign is based on The Dating Diva's one, but I refused to pay money for it and decided I could make one that was almost identical. I. Was. Right.

I hate bacon. 

I love brownies.

The ol' classic, bacon cinnamon roll roses!
These are way simpler the second time around.


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