Wednesday, December 17, 2014

All Aboard the Polar Express!

On Monday, students got their tickets. 

They were all invited to come aboard the Polar Express! Dress code: pajamas. 

When the time arrived today,  we had to turn our seats into train rows (naturally) and get those tickets punched!  (I didn't do any fancy punching like digital Tom Hanks.) Once I punched their tickets, students hopped aboard. 

 Hooray! No one lost their tickets! 

 Had to get some row-by-row shots! 

Just as the kids were getting settled in, it was time for some hot chocolate! (We got it!) 

I used milk in the crockpot so it would be extra creamy! Most of the kids didn't care either way. Some didn't even like it! It's okay; Jackson said "You make really good hot cocoa."  Presley said "Mrs. Richardson, your hot cocoa is awesome!" They got second cups. Don't ever let anyone tell you compliments and praise get you nowhere. 

Now we've got the background for tomorrow's "How-to" writing on How to Make Hot Chocolate, reading and comparing additional train books (like Steam Train, Dream Train), and making our shape trains in math! 

After the movie, we had just enough time to add bells to our holiday five senses book. We can hear bells, and the bell was the first gift of Christmas! 

P. S.  Check out this adorable gingerbread man one of the students decorated yesterday! 


  1. Our class is so cute and the row by row photos were adorable. Love, Mrs. Dean

  2. Just came across this page saved in my favorites. Congrats on getting married :) My lil man starts school this year so it's time for you to come back :) lol Adriana wants me to tell you that you looked like a princess in your wedding photos !
    Candice Page
    (Ana Burrell's Mom)