Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Day After St. Patrick's Day

Relive the adventure in photos:

The snow didn't stop this sneaky little guy from visiting the day after St. Patrick's Day.

He wandered all over the place.

He stepped on desks and left green grass on tables.

He left scraps of green everywhere he went!

He messed up the chairs.

He messed up the desks.

But ooohhh, he left us green oreos! (Allergen free! How thoughtful, Mr. Leprechaun!)

"Miss Francis, we know you did this."

Ahem. Miss Francis does not like messes. Miss Francis would NEVER make this kind of mess... or allow a sneaky little leprechaun to do so!!!

"Wow, Miss Francis. You're RIGHT! You wouldn't make a mess like this."

...but maybe as a leprechaun!
I won the teacher costume contest! Woo! The kiddos were excited.

And after eating our leprechaun goodies, we got to do some leprechaun addition:

"My leprechaun has 10 (? that should have said 4) pieces of gold in his right hand and 7 pieces of gold in his left hand.  4+7=11 coins in all."

"My leprechaun has 5 pieces of gold in his right hand and 5 pieces of gold in his left hand.
5+5=10 coins in all."

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