Friday, March 28, 2014

On moving...

I don't usually write a whole lot about my personal life.... but the time has finally come to publicly announce my engagement to David! Hooray!

wait, let me try that again.


I felt like I didn't really want to announce it until we had a couple things in line.

But... now that we've been engaged for a little over a month, we got some things accomplished. It's less stressful, and more exciting! We narrowed down the guest list, picked a date (June 21), found a venue in the beautiful Shenandoah mountains for our outdoor ceremony, booked an officiant, made our registry, found my dress (er, well, I did that part) ... we just need to do the fun stuff, like find a cake, get a DJ, plan the flowers, enjoy being engaged.

Oh, and I guess thinking about life after the honeymoon... we also need to find a house, and I need to secure a job!  I got my Georgia teaching certificate in the mail yesterday. That was a quick turnaround! I'm glad to have it already. I was concerned I wouldn't have it before applying!  And this past weekend, I was able to fit in nine interviews at the Houston County recruitment fair. (Nine sounds like a lot, but they have twenty-three elementary schools. I stopped by three additional schools to drop off copies of my résumé.) Hopefully I'll get at least one interview with a principal later on in April.  Fingers are crossed!

(By the way, Houston County has an amazing teacher recruitment fair. I felt like a little kid at a school carnival the way each of the rooms had been decorated.)


Of course, I felt terrible when I came back and saw the notes from the sub from the two days I missed for travel.  She wrote, "The kids keep talking about you moving. The kids seem really sad. These kids LOVE you!"  I had a note from Zachary that said "I wish you would come back." (heartbreaking.)

I hope that the parents at Spotswood and students I am teaching this year and have taught in years past know how much I will miss seeing them.  To be honest, I try not to think too much about leaving, because I get a little sad. Spotswood has been my home for four years... and the students, parents and staff have become a family to me.  I'm the teacher that is awkwardly balling her eyes out on the last day of school saying goodbye to the kids for summer... so I know this year's goodbye will be tough.

However... I am moving to be with David.  Our relationship has had to sacrifice quality time for the past six years... and now we'll finally get to be together. :)

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