Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Person's a Person, No Matter How Smallish.

Dr. Seuss week, my favorite time of the year, was so rudely interrupted this year by another massive snowstorm, causing us to miss Monday-Wednesday and have a delay on Friday.  We decided to stretch it out over this week, as well, but without the costumes.  (Unfortunately!)  The kindergarten teachers thought the kids needed some regularity.  And so, in our first full week in who knows how long, we're finally getting back into the swing of things.

Check out some of our projects from the week! 

After reading Horton Hears a Who, we made our own Horton trunk holding the clover with the speck of dust.  Some students wrote about the speck, others labeled their picture.

"The little speck had people on it.  The people were very small.  On the little speck it had a small town."

"Clover. Speck. Trunk. Stem."

We also read Horton Hatches the Egg, a big hit in our classroom!  We designed our own eggs and showed which two-animal combination would hatch from our eggs.


We read Green Eggs and Ham and wrote about whether or not we like green eggs and ham.  I had an interesting conversation about this story with another adult the other day.  He was not a fan of Green Eggs and Ham because he thought the lesson it taught kids was "if I say no, be more persistent." I told him he was missing the whole point, that it was about trying new foods! We agreed that Sam-I-Am should have politely offered and left the plate to try later instead of harassing people.  Haha.

We drew a picture and wrote about our favorite part of The Lorax.  Some students wrote sentences.  Other students drew a picture of their favorite part and traced the sentence I wrote on their paper.

"My favorite part of the Lorax is when there was all the trees."

"My favorite part is when the green guy (the Onceler) gave the last seed of the trees to the boy and the Lorax then he planted."

"My favorite part of the Lorax is when the trees were alive.  When the trees were alive they were very colorful."

(Are you as impressed with that Lorax writing as I was?! Wow! Not only did they pay attention to the story, they had great detail in their writing and pictures.  They picked legitimately great parts of the story.)

And of course we had to make a Wocket for our pockets!

"My wocket is a girl.  She has pink hair and a blue body. She is asleep."

"I have a wocket! When he was asleep.  When he was awake."

So precious.  In math we did some addition with red fish and blue fish after reading One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

I'd say we had a great week despite the storm.  We still got our party and read all of the stories, even if our schedule was a bit out of order.

The Cat in the Hat & Sally!

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