Sunday, January 5, 2014

I'm here! I'm here! I didn't leave forever.

Hey, it's the first blog post of the new year! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. This year's winter break marked not only a two-week hiatus from school but also from a couple other aspects of my life:

-I didn't blog.
-I didn't wake up before 7:30! (That's 2.5 hours of sleeping in everyday.)
-I let myself go THREE DAYS IN A ROW without working out! (There's really no excuse for this one, I just wanted to feel like a rebel.)
-I didn't record what I ate. (For the first time in 6 years! Because when your sister gifts your boyfriend a dutch oven and Julia Child's cookbook for Christmas, you really can't pretend to record the calorie content in the buttery-laden meals. Plus there are so many goodies! So many gluten free goodies!)
-I stopped wearing the FIT! (For the first time in 2 years! I have to let the minor dent in my arm go away before that can go back on.)
-I didn't go on Skype. Well, until yesterday.  For almost every day of break, I got to go on in-person dates with David! To include our very first New Year's Eve together. Somehow, we've missed spending the last 6 of those with each other in person.

If you know me well at all, some of this will come as a shock to you.  If you don't know me that well, you may now think I'm a bit ...ehh, structured in my ways. Anyway, I can't rebel forever, so clearly those things were only during the break. Now you'll go back to getting regularly scheduled content from me and I'll go back to the routine of things.

I can't say that I'm ready to go back to school tomorrow, but I definitely miss the kiddos. I'm interested to see if anyone completed their homefun packet for a toy out of the toy chest! Santa left some good ones behind in the classroom ;)

Here are some of the highlights from my holiday season:

Pajama Day the Thursday before break in honor of Polar Express!

Melted snowman ornaments! Made with hot glue and lots of prep.
These turned out *SO* cute. I loved the individuality.

Blast from the past! Some of last year's girls came to say hi at the holiday dance.
I am dressed as a Christmas tree because I don't own a tacky sweater.
That won me a free pizza in the tacky sweater contest!
(David ate it for me but bought me a gluten free version.)

Um, REALLY excited about my new pans. Glad Padre captured this moment.
Also, David is more excited about that down comforter than he looks.

Snow-tubing at Wintergreen.... wearing FOUR layers for a surprisingly warm day.
Ended up sweaty, but way better than cold. Also, for a first-time tuber, we found out I'm really good.

Blue Georgia skies. Plus I was on the road a lot.

 New Year's Eve in Macon, Ga.

The ol' Cherry Blossom ball drop! Haha. So funny.

Puppies in my lap on the way home... for ten hours. 
This wasn't mandatory; I foolishly volunteered. But they're so cute!

NOT PICTURED are the rest of the family.  David and I spent this Christmas with my family, then stopped by to spend an after-Christmas Christmas with his family on the way to GA. Despite all this family time, I seem to only have photos of David and I.  And a lot of my feet, which I thought were hilarious to take photos of on the road.  Mandy hasn't yet sent out her pictures so I'm hoping this will guilt her into it.

I am extremely excited to move into winter topics in the classroom. I love all of the snow-related themes we work through! Anyway, what were some of your highlights? Any good resolutions? I skipped those this year... or maybe I'm still working on them....  

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