Friday, January 17, 2014

Gumball Madness

Let me start this post by asking you if you currently own a 1" circle punch.  If the answer is no, you can buy one HERE for $5.99. They are really clutch to have around the house.  I've used mine for nearly every craft project I make.

So now you can see how I cut out 40-ish gumballs per student so easily.  Report cards are coming up and I needed an easy way to get several math assessments.  We were highlighting the letter G this week, so I figured why not do gumball math all week long? My only concern was that the kids would get tired of it, but on the contrary, they actually looked forward to getting their bags of gumballs each day.

Here's how our week panned out:
Monday: Sort by color

Tuesday: AB & ABC Patterns

Wednesday: Count & Tally

Thursday: Graph

Friday: Glue the gumballs down to make a gumball machine! (This is actually done during language arts and not math.)

One thing to prep, a week's worth of activities, quick and easy assessment. Score! 

Kiddos just left their items in the bags all week and I collected them at the end of math.  After we worked with our gumballs, students broke up into partners for math stations and I was able to help students who required additional assistance on the whole-group activity.

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