Thursday, November 14, 2013

To the Veterans

The day before Veteran's Day, I was standing in line at my local Wal-Mart and they were playing "Proud to be an American" with a slideshow of local heroes.  I'd have to say that it was the happiest I have ever been to stand in line at Wal-Mart.  I wanted to belt out the song because I felt so proud of our country! Proud of the men and women serving! Proud that my mom and dad served, proud that both grandpas served, proud that my boyfriend serves, proud that my soon-to-be brother in law serves ... you know, just proud!

(For the record, I did not start singing.  I recognize that I am not a particularly good singer and it can be obnoxious when people start singing in public.  But I did openly start to shed a few happy tears.)

Basically, Veteran's Day is a really important holiday in my mind.  Too often the sacrifice that men and women in our armed forces make is overlooked.  The sacrifice that the military spouses and children make is overlooked.  So I speak to the children about the men and women who are overseas risking their lives to fight for us. To fight for our ability to be free! To come to school each day and learn!

And then I ask them what they might like to say to those men and women. What they could say to those members of the military who are probably feeling sad and maybe a little bit scared.  Here's what they came up with:

 ❤ I second their sentiments.

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