Thursday, November 21, 2013

Save the Turkeys!

I loooooooooove projects.  They give students an opportunity to be fun and creative and help children learn how to present in front of the class and ask appropriate questions.  I love the initial questions: "My brother likes the Redskins, too!" or "Leprechauns can find gold at the end of the rainbow!"  So of course I have to interject... "Yes, boys and girls, these *are* good comments, but they are not questions. Let's stick with who, what, when, where, why and how."  At which point their questions become really good!  

Each year at Thanksgiving, we do a "Save the Turkey" project.  Children are asked to disguise a turkey (with the help of their family) so the turkey doesn't get eaten on Thanksgiving!  I am always blown away by the creativity.  I also appreciate the students' reactions to turkeys that have glitter. "WHOA!" "THAT'S SO PRETTY!"   (Oh, wait, that may be my reaction, too. Glitter just has that effect.)

No one's going to get to eat turkey at Thanksgiving this year because they were all disguised so well! ;)

You can get the letter that explains the project by clicking HERE.
You can access the turkey outline by clicking HERE.

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  1. I really loved helping Marley with this project. It was so much fun! There was one down side...spending an hour and a half at hobby lobby while Marley decided what she wanted to use.