Friday, October 25, 2013


Alright, so... today was cause for celebration in our classroom. NO STUDENTS flew their owls! (Don't know what that means? Be on the lookout for a post about behavior management in my classroom, coming up soon.) Basically, everyone was really awesome today.

We were talking about mummies today since mummy starts with the letter m and Halloween is rapidly approaching. We read the story "Where's my Mummy?" and made the letter M into a mummy.  Check out our use of the sight words "I," "see" and "a"  in that sentence! ;)

But most importantly, as a reward for listening so well all day, the students got to wrap me in toilet paper at the end of the day to turn me into a mummy.  THEY WERE THE MOST EXCITED EVER.  I liked the camaraderie students showed as the toilet paper kept tearing apart.  I also like that Janiya pulled out the book and started comparing the job they did to the illustrations.  Really I looked nothing like a mummy and everything like a teacher wrapped in toilet paper, but we tried.

A secondary goal of this project was to count all the squares of TP it took, but that became highly unrealistic as it kept tearing and we had to use substantially more than anticipated.

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