Monday, October 21, 2013

Counting Sets

Let's be honest. Sometimes counting can be tedious.  Whether you're an adult counting thousands of box tops or a child counting ten plastic bears, it just gets old.  But we're working on creating sets for a given number this week and also comparing two sets of objects to tell which has more or less.

Enter the game of Touchdown! (Or, the impossibly simple game of counting.) The rules of the game go like this:

  1. The students start with ten manipulatives in a line at the top of their desk.
  2. The teacher calls out a number, writes a numeral on a whiteboard, or calls out two groups of numbers.
  3. Students count out that many bears and move them down on the desk.
  4. Students raise both hands and scream "TOUCHDOWN!"
Teachers can assess student learning, kids get to have fun counting. WIN-WIN. 

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