Saturday, May 4, 2013

Primary Perspective: Laci & Payton

Laci and Payton were the first two students who had a lesson on how to use the digital cameras.  Below, you can see a picture by each of them and the captions they wrote.  (The girls also got to take the cameras outside at recess, but they haven't written the captions for those five pictures yet.  I will add the captions as they write them.)

Here's where we learned to focus on a subject:

And how to zoom:

"Asher is luking at ar plants we plantd!"
(Asher is looking at our plants we planted!)

I think Laci is clearly into portraits!


"My friend Laci and me were lrning to
tak pishr with camra at scool.  It was fun."
(My friend Laci and I were learning to take pictures with cameras at school. It was fun.)

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