Monday, May 27, 2013

FREE Kindergarten Assessment Pack!

Ah, Memorial Day. A day off with the pools open; a sign that summer is near! But please don't forget to take the time to remember why we have the day off...

... and silently give your thanks to those men & women who have given everything to defend our nation.
I feel blessed to have had so many family members in the military and have them return through each deployment, but I know that isn't the case for everyone.   
Thank you, brave men and women, and your families.  For your strength and your sacrifice.

David left early to drive back to Florida today so I have spent the entire day trying to keep myself occupied by making a convenient Assessment Pack for next year's crop of kinder kids.  In honor of Memorial Day, I'm giving it away for free! Do you have some younger ones at home? You can download it and see how they'd do. If they're having trouble with something, you know it's something you can work on over the summer prior to their kindergarten year.


Click HERE to grab your assessment pack!

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