Friday, March 8, 2013

Dr. Seuss Party & Thing "Thursday"

Never fear, my friends! Despite the snow days, you should know by now that I am not one to cancel something as significant as DR. SEUSS'S BIRTHDAY and the opportunity for each of you to spray your hair obnoxiously blue! We will have our party on Monday and while I will be dressed as the Cat in the Hat, I expect each of you to wear red and be ready to transform into Things!  (Unless of course you prefer to be Wacky since we missed Wacky Wednesday as well. It's up to you.)

Who else was really surprised to have this five day weekend? I couldn't take it. I had to go into school today.  I transformed the room into something suited for Dr. Seuss and got some stuff organized. I missed you all! But I am sure you had a lot of fun building snowmen and having snowball fights.  I went for a walk and saw some elementary kids having a blast sledding down a big hill near my house. Unfortunately, my shoes were not waterproof and I ended up walking home in wet socks and shoes. Ick.  Hopefully the snow adventures you had were more pleasant.

In case you forgot, we left school on Tuesday with our wonderful Lorax mustaches. HAHA. I hope your children came home and pretended to be the Lorax.  I know they did, because they're all hilariously awesome.

Jada got a picture by herself because she dressed in orange from HEAD to TOE. Whaaaat! That's a dedicated Lorax.  ;0)

Jada speaks for the trees!

We also used scrap paper to cut and create a scene from the story:

That's the Lorax by a chopped Truffula Tree, staring angrily at the Onceler with
his newly made Thneed.

And we turned our hands into Truffula Trees!

We didn't read the traditional paper version of the Lorax.  While the story remained the same, I read it aloud using the Oceanhouse Media version. The kids got to see the pages come alive while I read the words. Oceanhouse Media books are available for Android tablets and iPads  -- I prefer Oceanhouse Media stories to those found on Scholastic's Storia app, but that's a personal preference.  Check them out - they have lots of great titles! Click here: OM Books

That Sam-I-Am, That Sam-I-Am! ;0)

We also read Green Eggs and Ham and predicted whether or not we'd enjoy such a meal:

I don't think that the kiddos realize they are exactly the same, aside from being dyed green.  However... do you remember when purple and green ketchup was a thing? That was allegedly the same thing but it tasted disgusting.  (This, coming from someone who is mildly obsessed with ketchup.)  In case you don't remember that craze, you can read up on it here: Crazy Ketchup  (That article was dated June 2012... is colored ketchup still a thing? I thought it was only around when I was in elementary school. Hm.)

Anyway - can't wait to see you all as Things on Monday! Have a fun, relaxing weekend.... because your week was so hard! Haha...

As always, owl be teaching you tomorrow!

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