Saturday, February 9, 2013

Me & My Shadow

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who sent in flashlights for our unit on shadows! Students learned that in order to create a shadow, they need a source of light, a surface for the light to shine on and something to block the light. During the science block at the end of the day, students got to partner up and find out what shadows they could make around the room (with their hands, bodies or other objects).

In math, we focused on fractions. And of course, we had to introduce them with food! We used chocolate and graham crackers.  Right now, kindergarten is focusing on the fact that fractions have to be equal parts.  They only need to know whole and half.

Each child got a piece of Hershey's chocolate
with a clear indentation marking the halfway point.

Students had to break their chocolate in half and
could eat half of it at a time. :)

In Language Arts, we focused on the letter Q. Since we did just have the Super Bowl, students got to make a quarterback out of the letter Q and design the helmet so it looked like the quarterback from their favorite football team.  We also made a queen.  Each time we do a creative letter project like this, students are expected to write three sentences on their own about what they've made.  Be on the lookout for three sentences that your child has written in his/her folder!

"I like Tim Tebow but he stopped playing."

On Friday, we had our awards ceremony for the 2nd 9 weeks.  Remember, if your child is expected to get an award, I will send a note home letting you know.

Perfect Attendance award winners for the 2nd 9 weeks! Awesome!!

Pirate Award winners for the 2nd 9 weeks! Way to go!

As always, owl be teaching you tomorrow!

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