Saturday, December 1, 2012

Crazy for "C!"

In case you couldn't put it together with all the crafts that came home this week, we've been focusing on the letter C this week!

We also started work on word families with the "-ap" family. Unfortunately, as we were brainstorming words that fit into the -ap family, one child raised his hand excitedly and said "crap!" :( I told him that yes, while it did fit into the -ap family, it wasn't an appropriate or kind word to use in the classroom so I wouldn't add it to the list. It's the one bad thing about coming up with word family lists...

In science, we learned about temperature: the difference between hot and cold, how to measure temperature/read a thermometer and how to write degrees. Some kiddos are still having difficulty determining if it is hot or cold based on a given number of degrees. They still view "30" as a high number. (Though I suppose for them, it is! Counting to 30 takes awhile!)

Math work focused on creating sets for a given number. We played a game where I called out a number and they had to count the correct number of bears to get a "touchdown," they put the correct number of candles on a cake, and students wrote numbers for sets I gave them. We also made daily graphs for things that began with "C" (winners in parentheses) : Cars We Wish We Had (Mustang Convertible), Favorite Candy (Starburst), Favorite Book Character (Pete the Cat), Favorite Coin (Sacagawea Dollar) and Favorite Comic Character (Superman). I was pretty surprised by the winning choice every time! Well, maybe not the convertible. ;)

THANKS to everyone who signed the permission forms so I can begin putting together our grant thank-you packages! WOOHOO! :) A peek ahead for next week's topics: Letter V, -an word family, graphing, patterns, writing numbers and review of previously discussed science/social studies topics.

Just a reminder - The PTO sponsored craft fair is going on at the school RIGHT NOW (10am) until 1pm! Stop by! :)

Owl be teaching you more tomorrow!

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