Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving is close!

Hello everyone! Today's post comes from the waiting room at Merchant's Tire. Don't you just LOVE waiting for oil changes? In any case, I am thankful I have a vehicle to get an oil change on :)

A big thank you to all of you who sent in items for Tuesday's Thanksgiving Feast! The kiddos are excited :) This past week, we spent most of our time learning about the Pilgrims and Indians. Ask your child what boat the pilgrims sailed on and why they left England! We focused on two Indians: Squanto and Pocahontas. Pocahontas is one of the famous people in history that K students need to know! Despite learning about her, I heard some kiddos say she was fake. (Thanks, Disney!) Make sure your child knows she's REAL!

We made our own pilgrims:

boy pilgrim girl pilgrim

We compared ourselves to the pilgrims in writing:

pilgrim pilgrim pilgrim pilgrim

We continued sorting by beginning sounds in language arts, adding the letter N this week. We also worked on concept of word putting a cut-apart sentence in correct order to make the sentence "I can see my big turkey." (This is one of the ways we include high frequency words, but we also write those in our journals daily.) In math we worked on proper number order 0-20, writing numerals and creating a set for a given numeral.

On Friday, we had our first awards ceremony. (Please know that I will send a note home prior to the awards ceremony if your child is getting honored at the assembly!) Below, you will see the students who had Perfect Attendance and our two Pirate Award winners (who showed respect and responsibility in this nine weeks). Way to go, kinders!

attendance pirate

I am looking forward to those Turkey Projects tomorrow! Also, a note about Homefun: I have the journals! They are coming back home tomorrow. I didn't want them at home during the Turkey Project. New Homefun will come home for the week as well. Please do it nightly as suggested!

Owl be teaching you more tomorrow!

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