Sunday, November 11, 2012

Class Election


To inform students about the election process and give them the opportunity to vote, we read the stories Grace for President and Yes We Can! followed by a class election! Students made campaign posters and filled out ballots to vote for one of the top four candidates! (Not realistic I know; I narrowed it down to four based on behavior shown in class and effort put into campaign posters.)



De'zaun said "I am a good candidate because presidents help people and I help people."


Hannah said "I am a good candidate because I help people when they get hurt."


Jada said "I am a good candidate because I like to help people."

Payton (picture not shown) said "I am a good candidate because I always do the right thing."


Votes were cast.


"I Voted" pins were worn proudly!

And when the votes were tallied, we got...

Our Class President! Congrats, De'zaun!


I am sharing his acceptance speech with you because I found it adorable and truly representative of a kindergarten class president. "I like helping people. I like stacking chairs. I like passing out the papers. I like doing work." When he finished, I said "De'zaun, do you want to thank them? They voted for you." He added "Yes. Thank you!" And then went back to incorporate some of what he heard in the book for kids about Obama's speech, saying he wanted us all to work together to make things better in our classroom.

In the week he's been president, he's already helped me and the kids in the classroom. His hard work shows! Maybe one day we'll see him in a national campaign. :)

Owl be teaching you more tomorrow!

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