Wednesday, October 10, 2012

S is for Scarecrows!

Hello again friends! Sorry for the late update -- as some of you know, my boyfriend is in the Air Force and is currently stationed at Tyndall AFB down near Panama City, FL. I typically drive to see him but splurged this weekend and bought a plane ticket! Anyway, I felt pretty tired by the time I got home and opted for sleep over an update. Thanks for understanding :)

Anyway, last week we wrapped up our letter a day preview. Now we move on to a letter a week, where we go in depth with letter recognition, formation and words that have the specific beginning sound. This week we will be learning about the letter S. We will read with Scaredy Squirrel and begin work with scarecrows!

We'll be doing our first glyph (a scarecrow!) in math. Glyphs are a pictorial form of data collection. You can look at a picture that a student made and tell things such as how old he/she is or what his/her favorite season is based on how he/she colored the hat or the shape of eyes he/she chose to glue on.

We will also do our first independent graph using Skittles. We work on graphs daily with our class weather graph and also do them throughout the year as they fit. For instance, yesterday we did a graph to show whether or not students would sail with Columbus. A whopping FIFTEEN students said "yes," five (including myself) said "no," and one said "I don't know."

I explained to the students that if they sailed with Columbus, they'd be at sea for a long time, away from family, friends, a warm bed and good food. Their response: "I'll just take my house with me!" Oh, if only it were that easy!

We wrapped up our "What Happens in Fall?" books last Friday and you should have gotten a chance to read it with your child.

What Happens in Fall?


Our Favorite Apple


Our taste test last week showed that our favorite apple was Golden Delicious(10 votes), then Granny Smith(6 votes), then Red Delicious(2 votes). When we did a second taste test on the mixed-color apples, Honeycrisp were the class favorite, followed by Gala and then Pink Lady.

Enjoy the rest of your day! Owl be teaching you more tomorrow!

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