Saturday, August 25, 2012

Spaces & Places: Our New Home For Learning!

Here it is! Our discovery space. I heard a few parents comment on the fact that we had desks at open house. Let me tell you, the decision to switch from tables to desks has already proved to be a wonderful one! The children have their personal space and aren’t climbing over one another to reach their pencil boxes. And while I was initially concerned about being in an open classroom, it has actually turned out to be fabulous! The light from the floor-to-ceiling windows keeps our work area bright and the students have a lot more room than they did in the classroom I was in last year. Ultimately, I feel this is a cozy place to spend 8 hours of our day, and from the comments I’ve overheard, the children agree.

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  1. Alex loves having his own desk to put his Bumblebee pencil box in. He has had the best first few days a Kinder kiddo could ask for. He was so psyched to see his classroom on Mommy's computer. He promises not to bring his toys into the classroom, because he is, "too busy learning so much awesome stuff." And he loves being an owl because it reminds him of one of his favorite movies, Milo and Otis.